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Sunday, October 21, 2012

100MW wind turbine project in GE rice, dragon power source

(Longyuan Canada Renewables) is involved, the U.S. conglomerate General Electric (General Electric, GE), the Renewables in Canada, Canada's largest source of wind power development in China dragon, dragon power source (Long Yuan Power) group 49 based wind turbines, to supply 100 megawatts minute project "(Dufferin) Dufferin". 2013, start of the turbine installation is scheduled for 2014 running of the plant.
Dufferin wind farm is located in the (Melanchthon) Melanchthon Ontario. Development outside of China, this is the first source of power for the dragon.
Legislation, such as the Green Energy (Green Energy Act), and to promote the use of renewable energy, Ontario, about one-third of the wind power capacity under development in the country is concentrated in the state. Are expected to extend to about 10 times the amount of wind power in the past six years, Canada and a further 3-fold increase in the next five years.